Comic 306 - Yuelao and Cupid Have An Argument

10th Aug 2019, 8:55 AM in Misc scribbles
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Yuelao and Cupid Have An Argument
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trad118 10th Aug 2019, 8:55 AM edit delete
Apparently two days ago was 七夕 (aka one of the Chinese Valentine days, I prefer Chap Goh Mei, however). This actually slipped my mind, because the Ghost Festival dominates the seventh lunar month.

Hence, when I started drawing the Old Man Under the Moon, a friend asked me if it was because yesterday was Qixi.

As I drew this I was pondering if I should draw the Trimurti of Hinduism - in Thailand, the Trimurti shrine located in front of CentralWorld, Bangkok has become a destination for would-be singles and couples, especially on Thursdays because that is when the Trimurti takes personal audiences. However, I decided to keep it to two figures, and it's better that way.

Also I asked people if I should draw Eros/Cupid/Amor as an ugly baby in the great Western tradition of drawing babies (especially Jesus) as ugly babies.

The results were unanimous.

I like to think Eros is annoyed at the Old Man for being a calculative bureaucrat, while the Old Man just thinks that the boy needs to chill.